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Welcome to the 13/02/2017 edition of the Oceanic Overwatch Power Rankings.

Welcome to the third edition of the 2017 Power Rankings. This one is a late one due to some technical issues, we apologise for this and will be back on schedule next Power Rankings!

This period saw the start of the summer series qualifiers, as well as a few more CG events!

Top 10 Rankings and Writeups

  • Rqt(C), Gunba, kiki, Trill, Ieatuup, Hus, Aetar, SeRenity(M), Doctor (Coach)

    Fusion Girls finally reenter the Oceanic tournament scene after a long hiatus, preferring to spend their time terrorising the rest of Asia. Although Aetar is still abroad the supreme talent of Ieatuup and Hus looks more than enough to fill his shoes. Expect an easy road to the playoffs and an almost guaranteed finals appearance for FG.

  • Bim, Ahren, KS1, Jordan, Degs, Stolts, BangZ, Polter(M)

    Masterminds have stuck together for a long time and its finally paying off a steady rise through that Power rankings has seen them end up almost at the pinnacle of OCE Overwatch. Watch out for this teams next bout with Fusion Girls because they might finally have what it takes to topple the OCE giants

  • Flake, Saphira, Sp4rky, SpOoNzL, Wuvo, Project, Billa

    While Scylla’s results in recent CyberGamers hasn’t been too favourable, they are still clearly ahead of the pack and still easily recognised as one of strongest teams in the region as illustrated by their flawless qualifier run in the first qualifier of FullCircle’s SummerSeries. When these players hit their stride they can contest any team in the region. Their dedication and attitude in conjunction with their highly synergistic teamplay has already shown what this team is capable of. With the right preparation and reflection Scylla should be expected to go far in the SummerSeries main event.

  • Refz(C), Mosh, Termo, Soundwaves, elim, LUSH, Redact(M), Solus(Coach)

    Tempo Storm come in to SummerSeries after a long period of trials and rebuilding. While definitely a weaker team overall without Yuki making the plays they are still a top contender in the region. A difficult group draw sees them having to contend with Yes Men and Okami Wolfblade for the second playoffs spot, unless the unthinkable occurs and Fusion Girls manage to get upset.

  • Render(C), CantuS, Tak4n, Hikari, ckm, Apathetic

    While JAM Gaming are starting to show very promising scrim results recently, it's still going to take a little more effort for them to break into the top 4. With Heroes League games happening for the big top 10 this weekend, now is going to be their chance to prove their mettle.

  • Grafix(C), DaDogFrog, Signed, Micro, Gob, Adam, Mooney, Flayke, NotShaun

    With probably the youngest team currently around, Monopoly Club come in with a ton of mechanical skill and the advantage of youth on their side. If they can sort out their synergy and micro play issues look out for this team to be challenging the top 5 hard. 

  • Switch(C), HooWoo, USMC, Will1, Molotov, Senverse, Rek, Joker,  Smeves(Coach)

    Yes Men's consistency is quite impressive as of late. Although everyone assumed it was going to be a HooWoo-centric team, the rest of the roster has started to step up in ways that nobody expected. If this improvement continues there's a solid chance they will break the top 5 during Heroes League.

  • Smashbrutha(C),  Eevee,  Peebeeandjam,  Igostripe,  HeyKatie,  Tails,  Frogger

    After some unforeseen circumstances on day 1 of qualifiers, the Love Shack roster bounced back with a 6-1-1 record on day 2. This lineup has got some familiar names on it, Heykatie, Tails and making his return to overwatch, PeeBeeandJam. With some brains behind this team, they have the workings of a top roster. I hope that this team can realize their potential and do well in the Full Circle main event.

  • face(C),  Peezzah,  phntem,  Tongue,  Oputo,  taki,  bdoot,  Meemum

    New entrant to the power rankings, M A Lakas have shown reasonable strength qualifying in first place on day two of the SummerSeries qualifiers. Despite a rough day one they bounced back on the second with only one loss. While this team seems to revolve around the individual plays of star DPS and Blizzcon attendee oPuTo, they have showed good co-ordination and synergy despite being a relatively new team. M A Lakas could be considered a dark horse throughout the main event of SummerSeries. Time will tell.

  • tjk(C),  Kura,  pr1med,  NECTAR,  Cinderella,  Amril,  Milou

    After qualifying on day 3 of the Full Circle qualifiers, many felt underwhelmed at the performance of this roster. On paper they have some huge talent with the potential to be one of the top teams in the region. With the departure of Joyboy, shifting Cinderella to main tank and the acquisition of Amril to fill the flex role, this lineup will be looking to sort out their issues before the Full Circle main event.

Teams to watch

  • eLim: Monopoly Club
  • CantuS: M A. Lakas
  • Jordan: 1018
  • Rqt: Yes Men
  • Birdy: Monopoly Club
Rank U/D Team Rqt CantuS Jordan Birdy eLim Combined
1 - Fusion Girls 1 1 1 1 1 1
2 +1 Masterminds GC 2 2 2 2 3 2.2
3 -1 Scylla eSports 2 3 3 3 2 2.6
4 - Tempo Storm 4 5 4 4 5 4.4
5 - JAM Gaming 5 4 5 5 4 4.6
6 +1 Monopoly Club 6 6 6 6 6 6
7 +1 Yes Men 7 7 7 7 7 7
8 NE Love Shack 8 9 9 10 8 8.8
9 NE M A. Lakas 8 8 8 8 15 9.4
10 -4 1018 10 11 11 9 10     10.2




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