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Welcome to the 30/01/2017 edition of the Oceanic Overwatch Power Rankings.

Welcome to the second edition of the 2017 power rankings. This week we see some movement towards the top of the ladder and some new entrants at the bottom! This week we also have the Elo rankings as well!

Top 10 Rankings and Writeups

  • Rqt(C), Gunba, kiki, Trill, Ieatuup, Hus, Aetar, SeRenity(M)

    Although they still haven't participated in any CyberGamers recently, Fusion Girls have been posting progressively promising results against APEX teams in scrims. With Aetar currently in India and Huss temporarily replacing him it goes to show just how flexible FG are even when missing their DPS star. If a team wants to prove themselves as the best in this scene, beating Fusion Girls in the upcoming Summer Series will be the way to do it.

  • Flake, Saphira, Sp4rky, SpOoNzL, Wuvo, Project, Dr_Nuta(Coach)

    Scylla took a big step into the Overwatch scene with the recent acquisition of Ancient Templars. Although with Ancient Templars recent CG performance leaving much to be desired only time will tell whether this team can become consistent enough to challenge Fusion Girls. Though with strong dps players and a possible meta shift with the recent patch we could see a new high come out of Scylla.

  • Bim, Ahren, KS1, Jordan, Degs, Stolts, Polter(M)

    As the new meta sets itself in place, Masterminds are looking to solidify themselves as a prime team of skilled dive players. It's no secret now that these boys have been holding out for a chance to finally prove their skill, and with the reduction of 3 and 4 tank compositions it's finally time for them to put everything they've been practising into effect.

  • Refz(C), Mosh, Termo, Soundwaves, Muni, elim, LUSH, Redact(M)

    Tempo still struggle with growing pains as their roster changes once again, with the acquisition of Elim things are looking up for Tempo to finalise their players and progression into the new meta. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to compete for first place like their former team however, the raw talent in their team is present. Shaky performances have plagued Tempo but with SummerSeries on the rise they will be looking to establish consistency.

  • Render(C), CantuS, Tak4n, Hikari, ckm, Apathetic

    Despite the hard times in recent CGs JAM are still consistent and one of the more recognised names in the scene with strong mechanical and strategic plays. With SummerSeries rapidly approaching it will be a good time for them to show their consistency after what has been a lengthy period of inconsistency.

  • tjk(C), Kura, pr1med, NECTAR, Cinderella

    1018 comes in as a new arrival to the power rankings but with members all experienced in the scene. Made up of three players each from old squads Alter Ego and Wood Cucks, they look to see what can be achieved with this lineup. A semifinal appearance in last week's CyberGamer shows promise, where they fell 1-2 to Default after a questionable map draft. Look to see if tjk can regain his form of old and this can be a team to enter the top 4.

  • Grafix(C), Flayke, Signed, Micro, Gob, Adam, NotShaun

    The core of Treemen hold their spot at 7th from the last power rankings. Two great pickups of Gob and Micro in the tank and dps role respectively guarantee this is a team that has potential to climb. The youth of this team could be an issue, but with upcoming competitions the impetus to stick together and improve is there.

  • Switch(C), HooWoo, USMC, Will1, Molotov, Senverse, Rek

    The Yes Men lineup is a relatively strong roster, but of course it would be when Hoowoo is on your team. This lineup is comprised of players from the old Slushy Machine roster, with the addition of Molotov and Yes (Will1). This team really surprised a lot of the big players within the scene, with a finals finish in their first CyberGamer weekly ever. They are certainly going to be out to prove to everyone that the final finish, was not a one hit wonder. With some more practice under their belts these guys will be quite a formidable bunch. Look out for these guys in the Full Circle qualifiers.

  • Dalsu(C), Purge, ColourHex, JDoggies, Yang, MackaBoy, Vil, Vecka, KT(M)

    Default came out of nowhere, this team has no big names and yet they have strung together some very good CG performances so they find themselves with a spot on the power rankings. As this team grows so will their team chemistry and with the recent patch to Overwatch It will be interesting to see just how high they can get.

  • Rain(C), Riav, Dench, Pandi, poom, SlidzorJ

    Okami Wolfblade is a new team of some familiar faces mixed with fresh ones. Slidzorj, Riav and Rain have been in a team together since the 2 Minutes 1 Noodle roster . With the acquisitions of Pandi, Dench and CKoala they are looking to add in some fresh talent to their lineup. CKoala is a relatively underrated DPS player who will be looking to prove himself in the upcoming Full Circle qualifiers. This team definitely has incredible potential, with the likes of Rains incredible Reinhardt ability as well as Slidzorj and Riavs mechanical skills, the old dogs will be looking to show the new dogs some tricks for the long road to the Full Circle Finals.

Teams to watch

  • eLim: Monopoly Club
  • CantuS: Yes Men
  • Jordan: Okami wolfblade
  • Rqt: Monopoly Club
  • Birdy: Default
Rank U/D Team Rqt CantuS Jordan Birdy eLim Combined
1 - Fusion Girls 1 1 1 1 1 1
2 - Scylla Esports 2 2 2 2 3 2.2
3 +1 Masterminds GC 3 3 3 3 2 2.8
4 -1 Tempo Storm 5 4 4 5 4 4.4
5 - JAM Gaming 4 5 5 4 5 4.6
6 NE 1018 7 7 6 6 6 6.4
7 NE Monopoly Club 6 8 7 8 7 7.2
8 NE Yes Men 8 6 8 9 10 8.2
9 NE Default 9 9 9 7 13 9.4
10 NE Okami Wolfblade 10 10 10 11 - 10.25



Elo rankings

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Apologies for the formatting
Ranking Team Elo Won/loss
1 Scylla eSports 1136 14-2
2 Masterminds GC 1104 11-4
3 Monopoly Club 1103 12-5
4 1018 1063 4-0
5 Default 1060 6-2
6 JAM Gaming 1046 6-3
7 Yes Men 1042 6-3
8 Tempo Storm 1024 4-3
9 Soul Gravy Train 1021 5-4
10 Team Bakaak 1013 3-2
11 Okami Wolfblade 1007 3-3
12 Defuse 1005 3-3
13 Wumbology 1004 3-3
14 Zooper Doopers 1002 1-1
15 I hanjo 1000 1-1
16 TAKELAUNDRY 1000 1-1
17 Thot Patrol 1000 1-1
18 Versus 1000 1-1
19 Ebin 986 4-5
20 Argh 985 0-1
21 Bbye 985 0-1
22 Sweatshop 985 3-4
23 1000 Degree Knife 984 0-1
24 FrostByte 984 0-1
25 IGNIS 984 0-1
26 Slut Palace 984 0-1
27 Something 984 0-1
28 The Memekeepers 984 0-1
29 Team BOB 984 0-1
30 Vendetta 984 0-1
31 W and M1 970 1-3
32 Team Reticent 954 0-3
33 Ascendary 946 1-5
34 Oceanic Watch 914 0-6
35 L A Gaming 913 0-6
36 GrandMasterLemon 904 0-7


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