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Power Rankings - 7th December 2016

Welcome to the 07/12 edition of the Oceanic Overwatch Power Rankings, in this fortnight’s edition we cover ESL Major Cup #5, CyberGamer and introduce our panellist Rqt.

Welcome Rqt

Rqt, the captain and in-game leader of JAM Gaming has been selected as the newest panel member for OCEOverwatch’s bi-weekly Power Rankings. This comes as we say goodbye to Rek and Joy Boy.

This weeks panel is as follows:

  • CantuS (Plays on Team Skyfire)
  • BobbyJ (Caster)
  • ZeNox (Caster)
  • Redact (Manager for Tempo Storm)
  • Rqt (Captain of JAM Gaming)

ESL Major Cup #5 – 04/12/2016

This past Sunday we saw 9 teams battle it out for the $1000 prize pool courtesy of ESL Australia. JAM Gaming, Alter Ego, Love Shack, MastermindsGC, Hot Dog Heroes, 2minutes 1 noodle, Skyfire, The Hotline and WM1 gave us all an entertaining day of matches starting with Love Shack and Masterminds GC making through to the Winners Bracket Final to have a close 2-1 clash of back and forth battles before Love Shack ended up with the victory.

JAM were defeated by for the first time since last ESL Major one month ago which saw them enter the losers bracket up against other stand out teams 2mins and Skyfire to find themselves up against Masterminds GC in the Loser Bracket Final.

JAM took down MGC to do battle against Love Shack in a back to back best of 3 series in the Grand Final to close out ESL in 2016 with a 1st place finish.

2nd: Love Shack, 3rd: Masterminds GC

Cyber Gamer Weeklies – 22/11 – 29/11

The weekly single elimination tournament hosted by CyberGamer every Tuesday night has been growing in popularity each week. This past fortnight had more sign ups than any previous weeks we have covered and it created some classic match ups

JAM, MGC, Love Shack, Skyfire, Alter Ego, Hot Dog Heroes, 2mins1noodle, treemen and supremacy gaming have been returning each week to compete with an addition of 1-3 extra teams every week. The past 2 weeks have been a repeat of back to back finals with JAM v Love Shack and the same result with JAM taking away a victory.

Another notable stand out has been the Hot Dog Heroes who have been gaining momentum through some wins in the CG Weeklies.

Top 10 Rankings and Writeups

JAM Gaming have finally reached number 1 on the OCE OW Power rankings, their performances in recent weeks has not gone unnoticed and with multiple wins in the CyberGamer weeklies and taking out the last ESL Major Cup for the year, they’re the best team in OCE at the moment. On top of their OCE performances, JAM also came first overseas in the Taiwanese ‘Los Muertos’ Cup #1, beating ‘Stay Frosty’ in the Grand Final. It’s going to be difficult to see a team displace JAM from #1 spot for the rest of 2016.

Surging up the power rankings; Love Shack boast a career high performance this week, handing JAM Gaming their first loss since the previous ESL and making short work of Masterminds. Despite being unable to take out the tournament they have shown themselves to be a serious threat for top teams and consistent 2nd place finishes in multiple tournaments illustrates this vividly. The defining time for Love Shack has come, if they are able to capitalise off their recent performances and learn from their mistakes (this weeks CG) in addition with upcoming roster changes the team will need to work hard to maintain their rank but the determination and attitude are there. All eyes seem to be on Love Shack. Don’t disappoint.

Tempo Storm AU is still considered the Number 1 team in Oceania performance and skill wise but due to their inactivity the past 2 months the team have fallen from the #1 Power Ranked position. The team has recently began praciticing again with their full line up which you can expect Tempo to begin entering in Tournaments again in the near future to re-claim the number 1 spot. With teams such as JAM and LoveShack now knocking on the door of TempoStorm expect to see some close competition betweeen the top teams of ANZ come the SummerSeries in 2017.

Skyfire have had a solid past month with multiple victories over masterminds but have not been able to net any maps against the top end teams. There haven’t been any roster changes or shake up for this team unlike most others which has helped them stay ahead of the pack, but it’s hard to tell if the patch has helped or harmed them as they’ve missed some of the more recent events which could paint a clearer picture.

After stumbling through the end of Gamestah Division 1, Masterminds have finally got out of their slump of poor performances and now look like a team that can challenge for top 3 in the scene. KS1 & Stolts have become core members and for the first time in a month, the team has a core 6 going forward into 2017. Their performance in the ESL Major Cup was a solid run, taking down Hot Dog Heroes & Team Skyfire before losing to Love Shack in the Winner’s Bracket Final. Masterminds got revenge on Love Shack though by beating them in the CyberGamer Weekly #14 and making the Grand Final for the first time in 5 weeks but falling short to JAM Gaming. MGC have a big chance to jump Skyfire on the PR and take top 4 for the first time, if they continue with these performances into 2017.

2 Minutes 1 Noodle are on the rise. The pickup of Rain as main tank replacing Boon has paid dividends, as shown by their top 8 placement in the Los Muertos Taiwanese weekly tournament. Their willingness to make use of Sombra played by Lush makes for entertaining games, since many view her as underpowered and unusable. Improvements in team play and coordination will be the way forward for 2Mins, as they look to break into the top 4.

A team despite recent controversy has been ever improving each week through the CyberGamer Weeklies and ESL Cups with recent wins over several Top 10 teams. They are beginning to emerge as the dark horse of the scene with ever improving performances each week. While a lot teams decide to take during the Christmas holidays it will be a good opportunity for Hot Dog Heroes to keep up their practice schedule to give themselves an edge come 2017 to break into the Top 4.

Things continue to be shaky for Alter Ego, a patch that certainly doesn’t do them any favors and a large gap in practice due to absences in addition to the replacement of Vitannia for Soundwaves and the departure of Nectar leaves everyone uncertain about the team’s future. The individual talent and experience is undeniable but the biggest hurdle for Alter Ego now is finding a reliable 6th player and to transition their new team into the new patch. If they do not catch up now, they will be left behind.

These guys had a solid showing in EGSS despite the little actual Overwatch playtime they now have. With everything dedicated to Paladins we see this once great team move down purely due to inactivity. Their EGSS run shows they still have it in them to fight at the top but their dominance in the ANZ Paladins scene makes it hard to think that they could return soon. The reapperance of this team seems dependant on the future of Paladins, regardless of how things go for Overwatch.

Team Solo Ult is holding on the 10th place spot. A quiet couple of weeks was topped off by a showing in the ESL Major Cup, where they advanced to the Winners Semis before being taken out by Love Shack and 2 Minutes 1 Noodle. TSU will need to fill out their roster and put in some serious work if they want to hold onto their top 10 spot.

Summary of tournaments and results

ESL Major Cup 4th December 2016

  1. JAM Gaming
  2. Love Shack
  3. Masterminds GC

CyberGamer Weekly 6th December 2016

  1. JAM Gaming
  2. Masterminds GC
  3. Love Shack

Teams to watch

  • Redact: TBA
  • CantuS: Masterminds GC
  • BobbyJ: Tempo Storm
  • Rqt: Love Shack
  • ZeNoX: Tempo Storm - We haven’t seen a lot of the OCE Giants in recent weeks, have they got what it takes to take down JAM?
Rank U/D Team CantuS BobbyJ Redact ZeNoX Rqt Combined
1 +1 JAM Gaming 1 1 1 1 1 1
2 NE Love Shack 3 2 3 2 2 2.40
3 -2 Tempo Storm 2 3 2 3 3 2.60
4 - Team Skyfire 4 5 4 4 4 4.20
5 +1 Masterminds GC 5 4 5 5 5 4.60
6 +2 2 Minutes 1 Noodle 6 6 7 6 6 6.20
7 NE Hotdog Heroes 7 7 9 7 7 7.40
8 -5 Alter Ego 8 9 6 8 9 8.00
9 -4 Aftermind 9 10 8 10 8 9.00
10 -1 Team Solo Ult 10 8 10 9 10 9.40
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