OCE Overwatch


Oceanic Summer Series Server: 76 Qualifiers

Today was the first qualifier event for the Oceanic Summer Series by Full Circle Esports, hosted by Server: 76. Looking to be a great day, with lots of teams checking in for the AU/NZ region, the first round opened up with some great match-ups.

The Overwatch Weekly with BobbyJ Ep.11

Another week, another episode of the Overwatch Weekly with BobbyJ!

Overwatch Weekly Episode 10

BobbyJ is back once again with his weekly podcast discussing the recent going ons in the oceanic Overwatch competitive community. This week, his guests are RQT, Smashbrutha, and Genome.


Year of the Rooster

The latest Overwatch patch was released this morning, containing the Year of the Rooster event. Lasting nearly three weeks, there's plenty of time to collect all the new skins, voicelines, highlight intros, sprays, and victory poses.