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Overwatch Weekly episode 8

BobbyJ has released the latest episode his Overwatch Weekly podcast, this week featuring Hus, Elim, and Doctor.

Their topics for discussion are CyberGamer, PTR, patch notes, the future of Overwatch, Fusion Girls, Lessor Skilled Players and new teams in the scene. See the video after the jump.

Sequencing Episode 2

Genome is back with episode 2 of his podcast, Sequencing, which discusses the current state of Overwatch in the Oceanic region, and various other topics related to Overwatch.

This episode, Smashbrutha is his guest. Video after the jump.


Week in Review

What is this?

Welcome to the first edition of a new weekly news piece, this is where the analysts and writers here at OCEOverwatch will provide a weekly recap on the major matches and tournaments from the week. This 'Week in Review' will be posted every Monday, covering the week prior. This is intended to provide both players and spectators an overview of the competitive Overwatch scene in Oceania, in an easy to read format. This week there was only the CG weekly, but in future weeks there should be more events!

Introducing the 2017 Power Rankings Panel

Here at OCE Overwatch we have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get our new website off the ground, which is due for launch this coming Monday. Alongside several new tools designed to assist both players and teams in their competitive experience we are making a change to the Power Rankings system, most notably the panel and how it is chosen.