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Announcing the Bi-Monthly Brawl

OCEOverwatch.com is proud to announce a new event in the Oceanic arena, the Bi-Monthly Brawl.

The Bi-Monthly Brawl is exactly what the title suggests, a tournament that runs for 2 months, has a weeks break, and then back to start it all over again. Consisting of two divisions, Division 1 is made up of 7 invited teams and another team qualifying via an ODC for the last slot for season 1.

Division 2 is open registration, with any team in the region being able to register and play. There are no entry fees for either division. A $1000 prize is on offer, with the winner of Division 1 taking the lot.

Both divisions will have 7 weeks of either round robin for division 1, or swiss for division 2, and then both divisions will go in to a crucible style finals system. This means in the finals, 4th place will fight 3rd, the winner of that match then fights 2nd, and the winner goes on to fight 1st place. With the promotion/relegation system, the top 2 teams from division 2 have the opportunity to move up to division 1. The top 2 from division 2 and bottom 2 from division 1 will fight it out in the off week between seasons for those spots in division 1, with a regular season starting the next week.

Everything starts on the 24th September, with the ODC to determine which team gets the final Division 1 slot.

To see all the details, and to sign up, head on over to the Bi-Monthly Brawl site.

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