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The Overwatch Weekly with BobbyJ Ep.14

BobbyJ has a treat for us this week. He's recorded live in the Fullcircle Esports studio with LIVE GUESTS!

Joining BobbyJ in the studio this week are Tak4n, Signed, AVRL, ZeNox, and Genome. Together, they talk about what's been happening in the Oceanic region for Overwatch in the last week or so.

Covering topics such as reviewing team performance last week in Summer Series, top 5 plays from the event, and predictions of the final 6 for this weekend. ZeNox and Genome discuss their experience doing live broadcasting for Full Circle, With AVRL sharing his thoughts as well.

We also get a history lesson from Tak4n, discussing the history of JAM Gaming. Finally, it's an all-in discussion about the upcomign patch, and APAC and international regions.

Check it out below, and also make sure to check out last weeks episode, which I missed posting due to brain-fade!


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