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Oceanic Summer Series Full Circle Esports Qualifiers

The Summer series is back for the second week, today being hosted by Full Circle Esports. With 1018 barely losing out on qualifying last week in the Watchpoint: Oceania qualifier, they were ready to ramp up their performance to gain one of the three remaining spots before the wildcards happened.

Teams playing in todays event are Four Down, Defuse, Ebin, Ascendancy, Riotous eSports, Default, IGNIS, Versus, Sweatshop, 1018, Wumbology, 1000 Degree Knife, The Unprofessionals, and Soul Gravy Train.

All of these teams champing at the bit to gain a spot, the day promised to be a good one, full of epic battles.

Round 1

  • 1000 Degree Knife vs. 1018 (W) - 1-3 on Hollywood
  • Sweatshop (W) vs. IGNIS - 3-0 on Numbani
  • Default (W) vs. Four Down - 2-1 on Hollywood
  • The Unprofessionals vs. Soul Gravy Train (W) - 3-4 on Hollywood
  • Ebin (W) vs. Riotous eSports - 3-1 on Numbani
  • Defuse (W) vs. Wumbology - 3-0 on Dorado
  • Ascendancy (W) vs. Versus - 3-2 on Volskaya industries

Maps for this round: Hollywood, Volskaya Industries, Lijiang Tower, Dorado, Numbani.

Opening the stream for the day was 1000 Degree Knife vs. 1018 on Hollywood. 1018 were the definite favourites for taking the top spot for the day, so 1000 Degree Knife had their work cut out for them. 1000 Degree Knife defending first, 1018 rolled straight in to the high ground to put immediate pressure on 1000 Degree Knife. 1018s first push was a big success, with TJK building and using his pulse bomb in record time to open a gap in 1000 Degree Knifes defences, and taking the point with 5 minutes left.

1000 Degree Knife created a good defense next to the bar, holding 1018 there after a big trade of ultimates. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite enough, with 1018 pushing hard again and moving the payload right up to the second checkpoint with 4:15 left on the clock for section 3.

1018 kept the pressure on, with most moving up to keep the picks going while the payload was moving up to the final corner. 1000 Degree Knife organised their defence, and held at the bottom of the ramp, costing extra time to 1018. Another ultimate exchange saw 1018 take the advantage, moving the payload to within a meter before being challenged. One last fight of staggered heroes from 1000 Degree Knife saw 1018 take the round with 2:17 to spare.

Switching sides, 1000 Degree Knife were hard pressed to match the performance from 1018. 1000 Degree Knifes initial push was repulsed convincingly by TJKs molten core, and 1018 holding all high ground. 1000 Degree Knifes next 2 pushes were also held back at the archway, before they managed to push to the point with 90 seconds left. 1018 showed a good defence before finally falling, with 1000 Degree Knife almost taking the point before reinforcements arrived from 1018. Pushing in to overtime, 1018 did their best to hold the point, but 1000 Degree Knife managed to hold out and take the point, giving them an extra 2:30.

1000 Degree Knife moved the payload to the bar before 1018 came back on the defence, opening the exchange with a double pulse bomb kill. 1018 stayed all over the payload, denying 1000 Degree Knife any chance to move the payload any further. One last fight meant another overtime, which once again brought out the best in 1000 Degree Knife, pushing 1018 back and allowing the payload to move forward again, up to the last corner before the second checkpoint. 1018s defence once again shone, and they held the payload there while wiping out 1000 Degree Knife, taking the match 3-1.

Round 2

  • Riotous eSports vs. Wumbology (W) - 3-4 on King's Row
  • The Unprofessionals vs. IGNIS (W) - 2-3 on King's Row
  • Four Down (W) vs. Versus - 4-3 on King's Row
  • 1000 Degree Knife vs. Ascendancy (W) - 0-1 on Route 66
  • Defuse vs. Default (W) - 1-3 on Nepal
  • 1018 (W) vs. Ebin - 3(+1)-3 on Route 66
  • Sweatshop (W) vs. Soul Gravy Train 5(+1)-5 on King's Row

Maps for this round: Temple of Anubis, Nepal, Route 66, King's Row, Hanamura.

Next up on the stream was 1018 vs. Ebin on Route 66. After 1018s win in round 1, they were definitely on a high, and ready to roll against Ebin. With Ebin finishing 10th in the last qualifiers, and 1018 finishing 4th, all bets were on 1018.

Starting the match was 1018 on attack, pushing the payload to the gas station, where Ebins hold of the high ground gained them a successful defence. After a short pause, the match was back on again, with Ebin once again holding the payload at the gas station against Ebins attack. Third time was the charm for 1018, wiping out Ebin, and moving the payload to the first checkpoint with 3:25 on the clock.

1018s first push in the second section moved them up to the garage, where Ebins control of the high ground once again gained them the hold. Another push from 1018, and another successful hold from Ebin, leaving 1:50 for 1018 to push through. Pushing almost to the second checkpoint, 1018 were engaged by Ebin, who were unseccussful in holding.

Moving in to the factory, it was like a an unstoppable force was meeting an immovable object. Due to net issues, I missed most of the action in the third section. Rejoining in overtime, it appeared that Ebin was putting up a hell of a defence near the final checkpoint, but weren't able to hold it and clear out 1018, letting 1018 take the final point in overtime.

Switching sides, Ebin looked to be feeling confident after they managed to hold 1018 back for so long. 1018 started their defence on top the gas station, with Ebin moving the payload up to engage. 1018 were looking like they were going to win the fight, but Ebin kept someone on the payload to keep it moving forward before being forced to retreat. Ebins next push was almost successful, with 1018 going aggressive and almost costing them the hold. with 40 seconds left, Ebin had to push through to stay in the running for the match. They managed to clear out 1018, taking the first point in overtime and giving them an extra 2:30.

Going in to the second section, Ebin pushed hard and forced 1018 to retreat, letting the payload moved almost to the second point. Another fight at the second checkpoint, which Ebin won, gained another 2 minutes.

1018 came raring out, wiping Ebin out just past the final corner, and dealing a blow to Ebins chances of attacking successfully. Ebin tried to push through again, but 1018s command of the high ground forced a retreat. Ebin gave a massive final push, clearing 1018 away from the payload, and putting the match in overtime yet again. Ebin showed some great skills, holding 1018 away from the cart again, and took the final point in overtime, putting the match in to extra rounds.

1018 were back on attack again, and with the match coming down to the wire, they came roaring out of spawn to push as hard as they could against Ebin. With the payload at the first corner, and the match already in overtime, Ebin showed a massive defence, holding 1018 in place.

With 1018 switching to defence, they knew they had to hold closer than would normally be done to be able to win. Ebin pushed the payload to the bridge, and 1018 just stomped on them twice in a row, with a massive barrage from Nectar, to take the match 3(+1)-3

Round 3

  • Ebin (W) vs. Wumbology - 3-1 on Ilios
  • Four Down vs. Soul Gravy Train (W) - 1-3 on Ilios
  • Defuse (W) vs. IGNIS - 3-2 on Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • 1000 Degree Knife (W) vs. Riotous eSports - 3-2 on Volskaya Industries
  • Versus vs. The Unprofessionals (W) - 0-3 on Oasis
  • Ascendancy vs. 1018 (W) - 1-2 on Volskaya Industries
  • Default (W) vs. Sweatshop - 3-1 on Oasis

Maps for this round: Ilios, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Eichenwalde, Volskaya Industries, Oasis

Next up was Four Down vs. Soul Gravy Train on the first streamed control map of the day, Ilios. After coming 5th in the WP:O qualifiers last week, Soul Gravy Train had to be out for blood to secure themselves a spot this week.

Opening up on Ruins, both teams met near the point, with Four Down getting the early advantage and taking the point first. Soul Gravy Train came back stronger, pushing Four Down off the point and taking it away at 31%. Four Down came pushing in, but weren't quite strong enough, falling to Soul Gravy Trains defence at 56%. Another failed push from Four Down at 75% saw Soul Gravy Train getting closer and closer to taking the first round. Forcing the match in to overtime, Four Down almost managed to take the point, but Soul Gravy Train showed excellent defence to take the first round.

Travelling to Lighthouse, Soul Gravy Train were showing some great teamwork and looked to be the ones to win this match. Meeting in the courtyard area, Soul Gravy Train once again showed their defensive skills, clearing out Four Down to take the point first. The next push by Four Down was repulsed by Soul Gravy Train, along with a graviton from psycho. Four Down committed their ultimates on the next push, which got them to the point and forcing overtime, but they were unable to keep the pace up and Soul Gravy Train took the round 2-0.

On to Well, and both teams met on the point, with Soul Gravy Train showing their strength again, taking the point first. A massive graviton surge at 30% from Psycho, combined with a dragonblade from Nomey saw Four Down melt away. Four Downs next push was a lot stronger, with their ultimates coming out, and gaining the point at 72%. Four Downs taking of the point gave them a new lease on life, repulsing Soul Gravy Trains next couple of pushes from the point with ease. Soul Gravy Train tried their best, putting the match in overtime, but Four Downs renewed strength showed through for the round win 2-1.

Back to Ruins, Soul Gravy Train were feeling the pressure from Four Down after the last round. With both teams meeting on the near the point, Soul Gravy Train manged to get themselves back together again to take the point first. Four Downs next push was wiped out almost instantly with a combination of biotic grenade and zarya grenades. Another team wipeout of Four Down by Soul Gravy Train saw Soul Gravy Train keep control of the point. In to overtime, and Soul Gravy Train seemed to fall apart, letting Four Down take the point. Soul Gravy Train seemed to fall apart again, trickling in to the point, and giving easy picks to Four Down. Soul Gravy Train finally managed to get it together, wiping out Four Down at 95%, and taking the point back for the round and match win 3-1.

Round 4

  • The Unprofessionals (W) vs. Wumbology - 3-2 on Lijiang Tower
  • 1000 Degree Knife (W) vs. IGNIS - 4-3 on Hollywood
  • Four Down vs. Ascendancy (W) - 0-3 on Route 66
  • Riotous eSports (W) vs. Versus - 3-2 on Lijiang Tower
  • Soul Gravy Train (W) vs. Defuse - 3-1 on Dorado
  • Sweatshop (W) vs. Ebin - 3-2 on Lijiang Tower
  • Default vs. 1018 (W) - 2-3 on Lijiang Tower

Maps for this round: Dorado, Hollywood, Temple of Anubis, Lijiang Tower, Route 66.

Third and fourth place in the current rankings battle it out in round 4, Sweatshop vs. Ebin. Playing on Lijiang Tower, this could be the deciding match for which team would take third place for the day, and the third qualifying spot.

Starting on Night Market, both teams met in the courtyard to decide who would be able to take the point first. With Ebin winning the first fight, they took the point with ease. Sweatshop pushed again and again, before managing to finally get through Ebins defense to take the point at 65%. Ebin came back stronger than ever to take the point back at 38%. Sweatshop pushed hard, taking the point at 98%, but were unable to hold on to it with Ebin taking it back almost instantly for the round win 1-0.

Arriving at Gardens, Ebin pushed hard to meet Sweatshop on their bridge and hold them back to take the point as soon as it became available. Sweatshops next push almost got them to the point, but Ebin held out and forced a reset on Sweatshop. It was the next push from Sweatshop that gained them point after coming from where Ebin didn't expect them, gaining the point at 62%. Sweatshop set up their defenses at Ebins bridge, holding one push back, but Ebin pushed through almost able to get the point before being wiped out. A big push from behind gained the point back for Ebin during overtime, gaining them the breathing room they needed. Back in to overtime, and Ebin managed to hold on, taking the round 2-0.

Landing at Control Center, Sweatshop knew thewy had to win this round to stay in the match. Meeting in the server room, Sweatshop showed that they weren't going to be pushed around, taking the first capture. Ebin weren't happy with that, pushing in hard to take the point away from Sweatshop at 27%. An ultimate trade in the Sweatshops corridor saw them gain the advantage, getting halfway to capturing the point before Ebin came rushing back in to hold it. Ebin weren't quite strong enough to hold, letting Sweatshop take it at 83%. A big push from Ebin saw them able to take the point back 92%, with bothe teams neck and neck on percentages. In to overtime, Sweatshop really did not want to go down, taking the point back yet again, and holding it for the round win 2-1.

Back to Gardens, Ebin knew they'd been nudged. With the fight happening on the point, Sweatshop, buoyed by their win in round 3, pushed Ebin off and took the point first. Ebin pushed hard for their next couple of pushes, but Sweatshop weren't willing to give up the point. Ebins next push managed to roll though Sweatshop, taking the point away from them at 90%. With Ebin setting up on Sweatshops bridge, their defence was too strong for Sweatshop to push through, forcing them to reset and try again. Ebin kept up their strong defence, holding Sweatshop through push after push. A 6 ultimate push from Sweatshop finally gained them point back in overtime, holding Ebin back for 2-2.

Coming back to Night Market, could Ebin repeat their first round performance to take the match? With the teams being so evenly matched, it was anyones game. Meeting in the courtyard, Sweatshop were still riding high, wiping out Ebin and taking the first capture again. A big push from Ebin at 44% saw them gain control of the point, but they didn't have much time to set up their defence before Sweatshop came steaming in to create a massive battle on the point before Ebin finally fell down, giving the point to Sweatshop at 59%. Going in to overtime, Sweatshop were looking like the winners, when a pause came in at 99% vs. 59% with a disconnection from Vitannia. The unpause happened, after Vitannia returned. Sweatshop kept the performance going, taking the match in a reverse sweep 3-2.

Round 5

  • 1000 Degree Knife (W) vs. Defuse - 3-2 on Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Four Down vs. The Unprofessionals (W) - 0-1 on Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Ebin (W) vs. Ascendancy - 1-0 on Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Wumbology vs. Versus (W) - 2-3 on Nepal
  • IGNIS (W) vs. Riotous eSports - 3-2 on King's Row
  • 1018 (W) vs. Sweatshop - 6-5 on King's Row
  • Soul Gravy Train vs. Default (W) - 0-1 on Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Maps for this round: Numbani, Hanamura, Nepal, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, King's Row.

Bringing back Soul Gravy Train, this time against Default, on Watchpoint: Gibraltar, it looked to be another close fight. Soul Gravy Train started the attack, with Default setting up their defence on the high ground outside the server room. Letting the payload move to the server room, Default collapsed on to Soul Gravy Train forcing them back in short order. Soul Gravy Train tried pushing through, but a multi-prong defence from Default proved to be their undoing. A third push from Soul Gravy Train was held back by judicious ultimate usage from Default. A final push from Soul Gravy Train was unsuccessful yet again, with Default producing a full hold at the server room.

Default switching to attack, they didn't need to move the payload far. Soul Gravy Train moved up far enough to hold Default away from the checkpoint, gaining them precious time. Default got caught in a graviton surge from Psycho, clearing them out in quick order. Defaults next push was collapsed before it started with a couple of quick picks by Soul Gravy Train. In the last 20 seconds, it became a fight of ultimates, but Soul Gravy Train won out, forcing Default to stagger in. Going in to overtime, Default started showing a renewed vigour, clearing out Soul Gravy Train and taking the match 1-0.

Round 6

  • The Unprofessionals (W) vs. Ascendancy - 2-1 on Dorado
  • Sweatshop vs. 1000 Degree Knife (W) - 2-3 on Dorado
  • Ebin vs. Default (W) - 0-3 on Ilios
  • 1018 vs. Soul Gravy Train (W) - 1-3 on Ilios
  • Versus vs. Defuse - (D) on Volskaya Industries
  • IGNIS vs. Wumbology (W) - 1-2 on Dorado
  • Four Down (W) vs. Riotous eSports - 3-0 on Ilios

Maps for this round: Volskaya Industries, Ilios, Dorado, Eichenwalde, Temple of Anubis.

Round 6 opened up on Ebin vs. Default, coming back to Ilios for the second time of the day. Starting on Ruins, this match could either gain Ebin the win they need to secure the third spot, or secure Defaults second place standing.

Default opened up with a widowmaker staying back to get picks, while the rest of the team moved up past the point to meet with Ebin, gaining them the point as soon as it unlocked. Ebin pushed in, touching the point, but Colourhex on widowmaker kept picking them off to hold out. A combined ultiamte push from Ebin got them on to the point again, but Default stayed back a little to avoid them and then came rushing in again to wipe out Ebin. Holding on hard, Default kept the point for the entire round 1-0.

On to Well, Default started their round with a celebratory sinking of the basketball in spawn. Moving quickly to the point, Ebin gained it first to try and hold Default off, but quickly retreated in the face of Defaults firepower, leaving control to Default. Ebin pushed in again after resetting, taking the point after a protracted fight at 77%. Default tried pushing in again, but B4nes pharah was seeming untouchable, hovering above and harassing Default no end. Ebin were finally pushed off the point at 92%, letting Default set up for defence. Pushing in to overtime, Ebin pushed in as hard as they could, but Default managed to hold on and take the round 2-0.

At Lighthouse now, and Ebin really needed to win this map to stay in contention. Default came roaring out of spawn, almost immediately taking B4ne out of the air, and then moving on to the point to take the first capture. Ebin didn't wait around, rushing straight in to take the point away from Default at 26%. A quick back and forth, and Default were in control of the point again at 34%. Ebin hung back for a while, and then came in with a massive ultimate push, but were almost instantly shutdown by Default throwing their ultimates out in response. In to overtime, and Default held on, taking the match 3-0.

Round 7

  • Soul Gravy Train vs. Ebin (W) - 1-2 on Hollywood
  • Ascendancy vs. Sweatshop (W) - 0-3 on Hollywood
  • Defuse (W) vs. Riotous eSports - 3-0 on Oasis
  • Four Down vs. Wumbology (W) - 2-3 on Lijiang Tower
  • Versus vs. IGNIS (W) - 0-3 on Hollywod
  • 1000 Degree Knife (W) vs. Default - 2-0 on Hollywood
  • 1018 (W) vs. The Unprofessionals - 3-0 on Lijiang Tower

Maps for this round: Oasis, Route 66, Hollywood, Hanamura, Lijiang Tower.

Coming down to the final rounds of the day, this time we got to see 1018 vs. The Unprofessionals on Lijiang Tower. Starting on Night Market, 1018 needed to win this match to make sure they held on to their number 1 spot in the standings. Moving quickly in, 1018 bypassed the courtyard and went straight in to the side entrance of the point to surprise The Unprofessionals, and take the point first. The Unprofessionals came back in, being baited in to the point by 1018, and getting wiped out at 50%. Another push by The Unprofessionals, and again they were held back by 1018, this time in the courtyard. One last push by The Unprofessionals was interrupted by time running out and giving 1018 the first round 1-0.

Coming in to Gardens, The Unprofessionals tried going in the rear of the point while 1018 were straight over the bridge to control the point from the start. The Unprofessionals managed to push 1018 off the point, taking it at 21%. 1018 came rolling over the bridge, with tjk booping a couple off the edge to gain them the advantage they needed to take the point back at 36%. The Unprofessionals ran in again, right in to the face of a solid defence from 1018. Showing some hesitancy, The Unprofessionals started moving in from the rear, and after a back and forth fight, took the point back from 1018 in overtime. 1018 showed their bridge attack again, but The Unprofessionals had reinforced their defences, holding on to the point and taking the map in to overtime again. One last fight, with 1018 throwing every ultimate they had to take the point back and the map 2-0.

Arriving at Control Center, The Unprofessionals really wanted to hold on, but 1018 were proving to strong and taking the first point yet again. 1018 moved up to near tups spawn, keeping them penned in while the percentage slowly ticked up. 1018 kept control of the doorway until 95%, before The Unprofessionals pushed through to the point, forcing the map in to overtime, but it was too little too late and 1018 take the match 3-0, solidifying their hold on the number one spot in the standings.

Round 8

  • IGNIS vs. Four Down (W) - 3-4 on Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Wumbology (W) vs. Sweatshop - 1-0 on Dorado
  • 1000 Degree Knife vs. Soul Gravy Train (W) - 2-3 on Dorado
  • The Unprofessionals vs. Default (W) - 1-3 on Nepal
  • 1018 (W) vs. Defuse - 4-3 on Dorado
  • Riotous eSports vs. Ascendancy (W) - 2-3 on Dorado
  • Versus vs. Ebin (W) - 1-3 on Numbani

Maps for this round: Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Numbani, Volskaya Industries, Nepal, Dorado.

Last round for the day, and it's a battle for the second qualifying spot between 1000 Degree Knife and Soul Gravy Train on Dorado. Right from the start, it was looking to be an exciting match.

1000 Degree Knife on attack first, they were quick to get the payload moving towards the archway. Soul Gravy Train came in for the defence once the payload reached the archway, but the hold was only temporary as 1000 Degree Knife came rolling in from high ground and clearing out Soul Gravy Train to move the payload to the first checkpoint with 4:45 left on the clock.

Soul Gravy Train hung back until the payload was infront of the church, then came out swinging, and wiping up 1000 Degree Knife with seeming ease. Maintaining control of the high ground, Soul Gravy Train kept the pressure on 1000 Degree Knife, but 1000 Degree Knife responded in kind to get the payload moving towards checkpoint two. Soul Gravy Train managed to run out in time to stop the second point capture, and start trickling 1000 Degree Knife. Coming up the high ground, 1000 Degree Knife tried to push Soul Gravy Train away from the payload, which gained them the room they needed to get the paylaod to the second checkpoint.

Moving in to the factory, Soul Gravy Train held the payload just past the gate, and immediately moved out to try and hold 1000 Degree Knife outside. Soul Gravy Train quickly realised a better hold place was inside, retreating back, and using a graviton surge and earthshatter to wipe 1000 Degree Knife out. with 15 seconds left, 1000 Degree Knife needed to hold on during overtime. They opened up with a dragonblade, pushing Soul Gravy Train off the payload and getting it moving towards the final point. A quick response from Soul Gravy Train saw them stall the payload just meters from the final point.

Switching sides, Soul Gravy Train now knew what sort of fight they had on their hands for their attack. Soul Gravy Train used a similar attack to 1000 Degree Knife, but 1000 Degree Knife seemed to scattered to defend, allowing Soul Gravy Train to roll through the to the first checkpoint with their first push, giving them 5:30 for the next section. 1000 Degree Knife set up on the high ground of the church, and waited for the payload to arrive in front of them. Dropping down to stop Soul Gravy Train, they were wiped out in record time. Almost to the second checkpoint, 1000 Degree Knife finally brought out their defence, just barely holding the payload back. Soul Gravy Train came running back in, pushing 1000 Degree Knife off the payload long enough to gain the second checkpoint.

Rolling through the factory, Soul Gravy Train made it to the second corner before 1000 Degree Knife showed any defence. a massive earthshatter from knellery, but no follow through almost allowed Soul Gravy Train to push the final distance, but 1000 Degree Knife managed to scrape together push them back. A big push from Soul Gravy Train, clearing out 1000 Degree Knife, and Soul Gravy Train move the payload to the final point for the match win 3-2.

Final Standings

1 1018 7 1 0 0 7.0 0 27.0 8
2 Default 6 2 0 0 6.0 0 26.5 8
3 Soul Gravy Train 5 3 0 0 5.0 1 27.5 5
4 Ebin 5 3 0 0 5.0 1 24.5 3
5 1000 Degree Knife 5 3 0 0 5.0 0 25.5 2
6 The Unprofessionals 4 4 0 0 4.0 2 25.0 -1
7 Sweatshop 4 4 0 0 4.0 1 29.0 3
8 Wumbology 4 4 0 0 4.0 1 19.0 -3
9 Ascendancy 4 4 0 0 4.0 0 22.5 0
10 Defuse 3 4 1 0 3.5 0 24.5 1
11 Four Down 3 5 0 0 3.0 1 21.5 -3
12 IGNIS 3 5 0 0 3.0 0 20.0 -2
13 Versus 1 6 1 0 1.5 0 21.5 -10
14 Riotous eSports 1 7 0 0 1.0 0 22.5 -11


Congratulations to 1018, Default, and Soul Gravy Train on taking the last spots of the normal qualifiers!

Big thanks to Full Circle Esports for putting the event together, and running things today to make it an enjoyable afternoon. Make sure to catch the VoDs if you missed the action here.

Current Circuit Points

  • Ebin: 14.0
  • Wumbology: 12.0
  • The Unprofessionals: 12.0
  • 1000 Degree Knife: 11.5
  • Defuse: 10.5
  • Ascendancy: 10.0
  • Bakaak: 8.0
  • Riotous eSports: 8.0
  • Four Down: 8.0
  • Team Versus: 6.5
  • LunA: 4.0
  • Team Reticent: 3.5
  • IGNIS: 6.0
  • Sweatshop: 6.0
  • BastionsEleven: 1.5

The top 6 of the above, Ebin, Wumbology, The Unprofessionals, 1000 Degree Knife, Defuse, and Ascendancy are through to the wildcard qualifiers in tomorrows event.

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