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Oceanic Summer Series Watchpoint: Oceania Qualifiers

The second day of qualifiers, a second chance for those teams that missed out on qualifying in the Server: 76 event. With 17 teams checked in, some of which came so close yesterday, the day was looking to be another fantastic day of Overwatch.

Round 1

  • The Unprofessionals vs. Soul Gravy Train (W) - 1-3 on Oasis
  • Wumbology vs. M A Lakas (W) - 2-3 on Eichenwalde
  • Four Down vs. Okami Wolfblade (W) - 0-1 on Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • 1000 Degree Knife vs. Love Shack (W) - 2-3 on Route 66
  • Riotous eSports vs. Defuse (W) - 2-3 on Watchpoiint: Gibraltar
  • Versus (W) vs. Team Reticent - Forfeit Win
  • Ascendancy vs. 1018 (W) - 4-5 on Route 66
  • Ebin (W) vs. Default - 3-0 on Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • BYE: Bakaak

The first match on stream was Love Shack vs. 1000 Degree Knife on Route 66. 1000 Degree Knife opened up the attack, while Love Shack doing their best to defend, holding 1000 Degree Knife bqack for the first push. 1000 Degree Knife leaned a lot from the first push, and managed to get to the first checkpoint with the second push. Love Shack stalled the payload just past the checkpoint, but were unable to keep the performance going with 1DK basically shoving ultimates down the throats of Love Shack and taking the second checkpoint wiuth 2 minutes left for the final section. Love Shack returned the favour just past the next corner, costing precious time for 1000 Degree Knife twice in a row. Love Shack held the payload at that corner for the rest of the round, giving 1000 Degree Knife a lot to think about for their defense.

Switching sides, and both teams knew they had to really push themselves for this win. Love Shack moved the payload up to the gas station before 1000 Degree Knife showed them they learned from their attack and held it in place. Love Shack showed adaptability, and pushed through to the first checkpoint on their second push. Rolling on through, TLS caught 1000 Degree Knife unawares with a triple kill halfway through the second section, allowing Love Shack to push virtually unopposed to the second checkpoint. 1000 Degree Knife managed to hold the payload at the final corner on the next push, knowing that if they made a mistake, it would be the last for this match. Love Shack seemed to stall out, but with nearly 3 minutes to push the payload only 10 meters, every push got the payload closer and closer. A combination of ultimates with over a minute left opened up the way for Love Shack to push the final distance and take the match 3-2.

Round 2

  • 1000 Degree Knife vs. Bakaak (W) - 2-3 on Numbani
  • Four Down vs. Default (W) - 0-3 on Lijiang Tower
  • Wumbology (W) vs. Ascendancy - 1-0 on Dorado
  • The Unprofessionals (W) vs. Riotous eSports - 2-1 on Dorado
  • M A Lakas vs. 1018 (W) - 3-4 on Volskaya Industries
  • Soul Gravy Train (W) vs. Defuse - 3-1 on Lijiang Tower
  • Ebin vs. Love Shack (W) - 2-3 on Lijiang Tower
  • Versus vs. Okami Wolfblade (W) - 0-3 on Lijiang Tower

On to Dorado, and this round had Wumbology vs. Ascendancy. Ascendancy were on attack first, but Wumbology seemed determined to hold the payload at the archway. Ascendancy pushed through the archway, but a big barrage from Park got a triple kill, and dissolved the push. Wumbology, looking on fire, consistently held the payload, even through a whole hog and graviton surge. Another push from Ascendancy with only 20 seconds left, but Wumbology proved to be too strong and melted them away with another well-placed barrage. Wumbology successfully held the payload at the ramp just past the archway.

Switching to defense, Ascendancy knew they had their work cut out for them after Wumbologys performance. The payload was allowed to get to the archway before Ascendancy tried to defend, but Wumbology rolled through on their first push, taking the match 1-0 with 3:13 left on the clock.

Round 3

  • Wumbology (W) vs. Bakaak - 3-1 on Nepal
  • The Unprofessionals vs. Default (W) - 2-3 on Route 66
  • M A Lakas (W) vs. Defuse - 1-0 on Route 66
  • Ebin (W) vs. Versus - 3-0 on Nepal
  • Riotous eSports vs. Four Down (W) - 1-2 on Route 66
  • Ascendancy vs. 1000 Degree Knife (W) - 2-3 on King's Row
  • Okami Wolfblade (W) vs. 1018 - 3-2 on King's Row
  • Soul Gravy Train vs. Love Shack (W) - 1-3 on Nepal

Round 3 opened up on Nepal: Sanctum with Soul Gravy Train vs. Love Shack. Both teams pushed hard, but Soul Gravy Train proved to be the slightly stronger team for the initial push, taking the point first. Several pushes from Love Shack came close to taking the point, but it wasn't until it was down to the wire at 99% that they managed to take possession. After taking the point, Love Shack pushed up to the main entrance to try and hold Soul Gravy Train back, but Soul Gravy Train weren't having any of it, rolling through to almost take the point back. A massive push from Soul Gravy Train, with a team kill, allowed them to take the point back, and the win for the round.

Travelling to Village, Love Shack decided to really step up their game, holding Soul Gravy Train away from the point, and taking it as soon as it unlocked. Soul Gravy Train ushed as hard as they could, but push after push, Love Shack held them back while holding on to their ultimates. The final push by Soul Gravy Train was convincingly repulsed as Love Shack used all 6 of their ultimates to take the round.

On to Shrine, and with a 1-1 score, the match was still either teams. The first 30 seconds was just a bloodbath with Love Shack getting pick after pick while waiting for the point to unlock. Soul Gravy Train pushed back again, managing to take the point for 9%, but Love Shack were quick to retaliate and take the point back again. Soul Gravy Train tried as hard as they could, but Love Shack proved too strong, holding the point for the rest of the round.

Back to Village, Soul Gravy Train knew they had to take this point to stay in the running. A big back-and-forth fight for the first 30 seconds, and Soul Gravy Train managed to get first catpure. Love Shack pushed in hard, but delayed in taking the point, allowing an extra 10-15% for Soul Gravy Train, taking it at 44%. With one last push at 90% by Soul Gravy Train, they were unable to pierce Love Shacks defenses, letting Love Shack take the point and the match 3-1.

Round 4

  • Versus vs. Bakaak (W) - 0-3 on Ilios
  • Four Down vs. 1000 Degree Knife (W) - 4-5 on Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • The Unprofessionals (W) vs. Defuse - 3-2 on Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Riotous eSports (W) vs. Ascendancy - 2-1 on Eichenwalde
  • M A Lakas (W) vs. Default - 3-0 on Ilios
  • Ebin vs. Soul Gravy Train (W) - 2-3 on Ilios
  • 1018 (W) vs. Wumbology - 3-1 on Ilios
  • Love Shack (W) vs. Okami Wolfblade - 5-4 on Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Round 4 takes us to Ilios: Lighthouse with Wumbology vs. 1018. Both teams came out strong, with 1018 showing a bit more strength and strategy and taking the point first. Wumbology were quick to respond, coming back in force to take the point from 1018 at 36%. Multiple pushes by 1018 were held back by Wumbology, but 1018 came raging back with a massive 4 man res from Pr1med in overtime. Wumbologys next push was a little scattered, allowing 1018 to retain control of the point. In to overtime again, another massive 5 man res from Pr1med almost had them the point, but Wumbology managed to play around it and take the point back for the first round win.

On to Well, and now that both teams had the measure of the other, it was looking like it would be anyones game. A big initial fight, with Wumbology showing their opening strength again to take the point. 1018 decided to show that they had strength as well, taking the point away from Wumbology at 41%. Wumbology came in, forced a res, and then Pr1med showed off another big barrage forcing 1018 back. Wumbology had troulbe taking the point though, as 1018 came in constantly, only allowing Wumbology to take the point at 99%. Another big push from 1018 pushed Wumbology off the point again, and 1018 takes the point back for the round win and putting the score at 1-1.

Now on to Ruins, and tjk shifts to Widowmaker to hang back and pick off while his teammates dive in. This allowed 1018 to take the point with ease. Wumbology did their best to push in and get the point, but 1018 seemed to have hit their stride and easily held back Wumbology through all their pushes, taking the point without letting Wumbology to get it all.

Back to Lighthouse again, and 1018 were riding high after their last two round wins. Keeping to their high, 1018 kept holding Wumbology away from the point, taking it as soon as it became acitve. Nectar seemed to be on fire on Pharah, constantly picking Park out of the air. A big push from Wumbology managed to get them point for 9%, but 1018 instantly replied with their own push back, taking the point back and the win 3-1.

Round 5

  • The Unprofessionals (W) vs. Versus - 3-2 on Route 66
  • Default (W) vs. Defuse - 1-0 on Hollywood
  • Ebin vs. Riotous eSports (W) - 2-3 on Lijiang Tower
  • Okami Wolfblade (W) vs. Wumbology - 3-1 on Lijiang Tower
  • M A Lakas (W) vs. Four Down - Forfeit win
  • Soul Gravy Train (W) vs. Bakaak - 3-2 on Lijiang Tower
  • 1018 (W) vs. 1000 Degree Knife - 1-0 on Route 66
  • Love Shack (W) vs. Ascendancy - 3-0 on Hollywood

Another control map, this time Lijiang Tower: Gardens with Okami Wolfblade vs. Wumbology.  Unfortunately, life respnsibilities called me away again, meaning that this match report will be delayed until VoDs can be reviewed.

Round 6

  • 1000 Degree Knife vs. Riotous eSports (W) - 3-4 on King's Row
  • Ebin vs. Bakaak (W) - 1-3 on Nepal
  • Default (W) vs. Wumbology - 3-2 on Nepal
  • Four Down vs. Defuse (W) - 0-1 on Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Ascendancy (W) vs. Versus - 2-1 on King's Row
  • M A Lakas (W) vs. The Unprofessionals - 3-2 on King's Row
  • Soul Gravy Train vs. Okami Wolfblade (W) - 2-3 on King's Row
  • Love Shack (W) vs. 1018 - 3-0 on Nepal

Back to Nepal: Sanctum again, with Ebin vs. Bakaak. Bakaak came out hard, controlling the central area right from the start and taking the point first. Ebins second push was the one they wanted, moving in with relative ease, and taking the point from Bakaak at 43%. Bakaak next couple of pushes were stalled out, but they finally managed to take the point back at 95%. Down to overtime, and it was either teams win, but Bakaak played better, taking the point 1-0.

On to Shrine, and Ebin were out for revenge. Unfortunately, Bakaak were proving too strong after a very tight fight, taking the first capture. Ebin were having none of that however, and rushed right in on their next push to wipe out Bakaak and take the point at 43%. Bakaak momentarily took the poiint again, rasing their percentage to 60% before Ebin recaptured it. Back and forth the point was going, with Bakaak taking back again at 70%. Pushing to overtime, Ebin managed to retake the point yet again, leaving time for one last push from Bakaak. Bakaak won their final push, taking the point back for 2-0.

Arriving in Village, both teams were raring to go and get at each other. A protracted first fight saw both tracers use pulse bomb, and in the end Ebin managed to take point first. Bakaaks next push was repulsed with ease by a big earthshatter. Bakaak replied in kind, and managed to take the point for 11%, but Ebin were quick to take it back. Bakaak pushed back in hard again, showing Ebin they weren't to be underestimated, taking the point at 95%, but Ebins reply was to just take it back again at about 60%, and take the map for a score of 2-1.

Coming back to Sanctum, Bakaak showed their initial push strength, taking the point first. Ebin pushed as hard as they could the next two times, but Bakaak really did not want to give up the point. A final push by Ebin was held back again, giving Bakaak the match win 3-1.

Round 7

  • The Unprofessionals (W) vs. Bakaak - 3-2 on Dorado
  • Wumbology (W) vs. Riotous eSports - 3-0 on Dorado
  • 1000 Degree Knife vs. Ebin (W) - 1-2 on Dorado
  • Ascendancy (W) vs. Defuse - 3-2 on Dorado
  • Versus (W) vs. Four Down - 3-1 on Ilios
  • 1018 (W) vs. Soul Gravy Train - 3-1 on Ilios
  • Okami Wolfblade (W) vs. Default - 1-0 on Dorado
  • Love Shack vs. M A Lakas (W) - 2-3 on Ilios

Yet another control map, back to Ilios: Ruins with M A Lakas vs. Love Shack. A big initial fight opened the match M A Lakas taking the point for the first time. Love Shack were quick to respond taking the point on their next push at 38%. M A Lakas didn't want to give up control though, pushing back just as hard and regaining the point at 47%. Pushing through to overtime, Love Shack tried their best to take the point back, but a nano-boosted dragonblade cut them down, giving M A Lakas the first win of the match 1-0.

Moving to Lighthouse, M A Lakas were quick to engage Love Shack in their alley, but Love Shack pushed them back to the point before falling to the superior firepower of M A Lakas and relinquishing the point. Love Shack brought it together, pushing through and taking the point away from M A Lakas at 58%. Malakas really didn't want to give up the point so easily, but the next push was held back. It was the second that gave the point back 69%. Love Shack were having none of it, quickly taking the point back again at 97%, holding it for the rest of round for score of 1-1.

Arriving at Well, Love Shack showed some superior playing, taking the point first. Love Shack kept holding, with a triple kill barrage from TLS telling M A Lakas they couldn't pass. At 89%, M A Lakas finally got it together with some great aiming from Oputo, allowing them to take the point finally. M A Lakas started giving Love Shack a taste of their own medicine, holding the point for the entirety of the rest of the round, giving the win 2-1.

Back to Ruins again, and M A Lakas pushed forward fast, taking the point through sniper fire from PeeBeeandJam. Love Shack quickly pushed back in to take the point away from M A Lakas at 20%. With PeeBeeandJam hanging back taking heads, Love Shack were easily holding the point against whatever M A Lakas could throw at them. Malakas finally managed to clear Love Shack out from the point, taking it at 88%. They managed to hold it for 37% before Love Shack out-played them to take it back for the final 12% and match score 2-2.

The final round, and the decider, was played on Lighthouse. With both teams knowing the win was on the line, they both pushed hard, but Love Shack was a little harder taking the first capture. M A Lakas really didn't want to lose, though, pushing back even harder to take the point at 36%. Push after push, M A Lakas kept hold of the point all the way to the end for the win 3-2.

Round 8

  • 1000 Degree Knife (W) vs. Versus - 3-0 on Route 66
  • Riotous eSports (W) vs. Bakaak - Forfeit win
  • Ebin (W) vs. Defuse - 3-1 on Lijiang Tower
  • Four Down (W) vs. Ascendancy - 3-1 on Route 66
  • Soul Gravy Train (W) vs. Wumbology - 3-1 on Lijiang Tower
  • The Unprofessionals vs. 1018 (W) - 3-4 on Route 66
  • Love Shack vs. Default - (D) 3-3 on Hollywood
  • M A Lakas (W) vs. Okami Wolfblade - 3-1 on Lijiang Tower

The final round, and possibly the most anticipated, was M A Lakas vs. Okami Wolfblade. With both teams sitting at 6-1 overall, and closely followed by 1018 at 5-2 in the standings, the winner of this was guaranteed a qualifying spot for the main series.

Being played on Lijiang Tower: Gardens, both teams knowing that they had to win to secure the spot, it promised to be a great match. M A Lakas pushing in as hard as they could to try and hold Okami Wolfblade back proved to be the start of a great team fight, taking 2 minutes just for the first capture by M A Lakas. Holding for 39%, Okami Wolfblade came back in stronger than before, taking the point for their first capture. M A Lakas pushed very hard at 80%, but Okami Wolfblade were proving to be no pushover, holding the point, and taking the first round 1-0.

On to Night Market, and both teams met for the first fight in the courtyard, with M A Lakas shortly moving in to the point first and capturing after about a minute. Okami Wolfblade engage M A Lakas in the courtyard again, while sneaking a person through to take the point for them at 32% in a brilliant play. M A Lakas try their own sneak through, but Okami Wolfblade was ready for it, and melted M A Lakas were they stood. A straight through push by M A Lakas gained them the point at 79%. M A Lakas moved up towards the Okami Wolfblade spawn to hold them back, which mostly worked with only a single person getting through to the point, but Oputo was waiting for them, defending the point for the round win 1-1.

With the score even, and now playing on Control Center, M A Lakas once again did a big push to try and control the point from the start. A quick graviton surge wipes out Okami Wolfblade, and gives Malakas the first capture again. M A Lakas pushed way forward, to keep Okami Wolfblade near their spawn, before falling back to the point to defend traditionally. A massive push from Okami Wolfblade, and they gain the point at 91%. M A Lakas repsonded in kind again, taking the point back at 34%, and moving it in to overtime to push Okami Wolfblade away and take the round 2-1.

Back to Night Market again, adn the teams met for the first fight in courtyard. M A Lakas repeated their performance from before, taking the point pretty quickly and moving up to hold Okami Wolfblade back. A dual graviton in the courtyard, and SlidzorJ trying to sneak behind M A Lakas on Zarya was pushed back again. One last push by Okami Wolfblade, which was melted by a nano-visor from M A Lakas , giving the win to M A Lakas 3-1.

Final results

1 M A Lakas 7 1 0 0 7.0 0 25.5 10
2 Love Shack 6 1 1 0 6.5 0 28.5 10
3 Okami Wolfblade 6 2 0 0 66.0 1 27.0 6
4 1018 6 2 0 0 6.0 0 27.5 4
5 Soul Gravy Train 5 3 0 0 5.0 0 27.0 3
6 Default 4 3 1 0 4.5 0 25.5 -1
7 The Unprofessionals 4 4 0 0 4.0 2 25.5 -1
8 Riotous eSports 4 4 0 0 4.0 2 18.0 -1
9 Bakaak 3 4 0 1 4.0 1 18.0 0
10 Ebin 4 4 0 0 4.0 0 22.5 4
11 Wumbology 3 5 0 0 3.0 0 29.5 -2
12 1000 Degree Knife 3 5 0 0 3.0 0 22.0 0
13 Ascendancy 2 6 0 0 2.0 2 20.0 -7
14 Defuse 2 6 0 0 2.0 1 23.5 -6
15 Versus 2 6 0 0 2.0 1 23.0 -10
16 Four Down 2 6 0 0 2.0 1 21.5 -7
17 Team Reticent 0 1 0 7 7.0 0 0.0 -2
W = wins, L = losses, T = ties, BYE = byes given,
PTS = total qualifier points, WVT = wins versus tied teams,
BCZ = median bucholz score, PDF = points difference

Congratulations to M A Lakas, Love Shack, and Okami Wolfblade on qualifying for the main series. You can catch all the action in the VoDs here. Many thanks to Server: 76 and Watchpoint: Oceania for hosting the qualifiers this weekend, and of course to Full Circle Esports for putting the entire event together!

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