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Year of the Rooster

The latest Overwatch patch was released this morning, containing the Year of the Rooster event. Lasting nearly three weeks, there's plenty of time to collect all the new skins, voicelines, highlight intros, sprays, and victory poses.

In addition to all the new cosmetic items, there is a new game mode: Capture the flag. Old school FPS players will remember this mode with nostalgia. Played on the 3 Lijiang Tower maps, players start in an all new spawn area, and attempt to capture the opposing teams flag. Picking up a flag isn't as simple as just grabbing it, though. It works like a capture point in normal gameplay, where players have to stand near to the flag for a short while before they can pick it up. Enemies coming in to range will stop the pickup, as well as any damage taken by the capturing player.

There have been mixed reactions in-game to the new mode, with some hating it, and others loving it. But, it is a breath of fresh air for a couple of weeks.

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