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Introducing the 2017 Power Rankings Panel

Here at OCE Overwatch we have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to get our new website off the ground, which is due for launch this coming Monday. Alongside several new tools designed to assist both players and teams in their competitive experience we are making a change to the Power Rankings system, most notably the panel and how it is chosen.

After much discussion with teams within the region, we made the decision to allow the panel to be chosen by the players within the scene in order to restore faith in the system.

After receiving votes from 12 teams, we are proud to present your Power Rankings Panel for 2017.

  • RQT – Captain and IGL for Fusion Girls
  • CantuS – Player and IGL for JAM Gaming
  • Elim – Player and IGL for Lesser Skilled Players
  • Jordan – Player for Masterminds GC
  • Birdy – Former Captain of Team Solo Ult

As with previous iterations of the power rankings, all 5 members of the panel will rank the top 10 teams within the region based on previous results and their own professional opinion. The individual members’ rankings will then be averaged to present us with a fair, unbiased view of the scene as it stands.

Alongside the Power Rankings and published once a month beginning on the 30th of January we will also be publishing the ELO rankings, intended to offer a statistical based system to work alongside the Power Rankings. These will be conducted by none other than Squeezy, a man who needs no introduction.

The Power Rankings will be published Bi-weekly on Mondays, with the first iteration set to go live alongside the brand new OCE Overwatch website on Monday the 16th of January.

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