OCE Overwatch


The Overwatch Weekly with BobbyJ Ep.14

BobbyJ has a treat for us this week. He's recorded live in the Fullcircle Esports studio with LIVE GUESTS!

Joining BobbyJ in the studio this week are Tak4n, Signed, AVRL, ZeNox, and Genome. Together, they talk about what's been happening in the Oceanic region for Overwatch in the last week or so.

Oceanic Summer Series Full Circle Esports Qualifiers

The Summer series is back for the second week, today being hosted by Full Circle Esports. With 1018 barely losing out on qualifying last week in the Watchpoint: Oceania qualifier, they were ready to ramp up their performance to gain one of the three remaining spots before the wildcards happened.

Teams playing in todays event are Four Down, Defuse, Ebin, Ascendancy, Riotous eSports, Default, IGNIS, Versus, Sweatshop, 1018, Wumbology, 1000 Degree Knife, The Unprofessionals, and Soul Gravy Train.

All of these teams champing at the bit to gain a spot, the day promised to be a good one, full of epic battles.

The Overwatch Weekly with BobbyJ Ep.12

BobbyJ is still hard it producing his weekly episodes of the Overwatch Weekly. This week, he's joined by Oputo, Mosh, and Gunba.

Together, they discuss Cybergamer results, the upcoming Summer Series qualifiers hosted by Full Circle Esports, The SEA qualifiers of the Summer Series, ANZ Overwatch and it's future, streaming, PTR changes, and team performances.

Make sure you check out the video after the jump!

Oceanic Summer Series Watchpoint: Oceania Qualifiers

The second day of qualifiers, a second chance for those teams that missed out on qualifying in the Server: 76 event. With 17 teams checked in, some of which came so close yesterday, the day was looking to be another fantastic day of Overwatch.