OCE Overwatch

Scrim availability listing

The perfect place to find your next scrim! Team names link to more information on availability for that team.

Other functionality will be coming in the future. If you have a suggestion, feel free to let us know via the form here or on Discord.

Team Contact name 1st day Time 2nd day Time 3rd day Time 4th day Time 5th day Time
Los Tatas HeroVanklet Wed 7:00 Thu 7:00
Irregulars Juggernaught Mon 8:00 Tue 8:00
DDC T1m3.SurgE Emma Tue 8:00 Thu 8:00 Sun 7:00
Vizard eSports XcelieZ Mon 7:00 Wed 7:00 Thu 7:00
Masterminds GC Polter Sun 8:00 Mon 8:00 Wed 8:00 Thu 8:00
AlreadyExists Lykosys Mon 7:00 Tue 7:00 Wed 7:00 Fri 7:00 Sat 7:00
PBC Omega Blackniss Mon 8:00 Tue 8:00 Wed 8:00 Thu 8:00 Fri 8:00

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