OCE Overwatch

Looking for more

This tool is intended for teams to be able to list their need for new players. New features will be added on an ongoing basis, but if you have any suggestions, feel free to let us know!

Team Contact No. wanted Roles First listed Last updated
Aegis7 Gaming Grunt 1 Tank,Support,DPS,Flex 16-3-2017 16-3-2017
Edge Lord's United Pavan 4 Tank,Support,DPS,Flex 16-1-2017 16-1-2017
Prestige Ace 1 Support 6-4-2017 8-4-2017
Solaris E-Sports Group cl0ud 6 Tank,Support,DPS,Sub 13-4-2017
TBA Blackburn 6 Tank,Support,DPS,Flex 25-7-2017
Team Tahit Akraken 2 Tank,Support 26-6-2017
Wasted Potential Trainwreck 2 DPS,Sub 24-2-2017 12-3-2017

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