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Oceanic Summer Series by Full Circle Esports

(Content from the Heroes League site)

The Oceanic Summer Series will begin with a circuit of open qualifiers. 12 teams will be qualified through the circuit on top of 4 invited teams.


During the 3 main qualifying events, each team will play 8 swiss rounds, drafting the map for each round from a pool of 5 maps. Each qualifier will qualify 3 teams directly into the main event, but every win matters. At the end of all three main qualifiers, teams will be given a circuit rating representing their performance across the events.

The teams with the top 6 circuit ratings who did not qualify directly will be invited to play in the wildcards. These wildcard matches will qualify the final 3 teams into the main event, for a total of 16 teams, consisting of 12 qualified teams plus the 4 invited teams.


Each team will alternate bans until one map remains. Each round will have a seperate map pool with 5 maps each.

R1 - King's Row, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Lijiang Tower, Hollywood, Volskaya Industries
R2 - Dorado, Oasis, Numbani, Temple of Anubis, Route 66
R3 - Nepal, Eichenwalde, Hanamura, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Ilios
R4 - King's Row, Volskaya Industries, Dorado, Lijiang Tower, Hollywood
R5 - Temple of Anubis, Route 66, Oasis, Numbani, Hanamura
R6 - Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Nepal, Eichenwalde, Volskaya Industries, Dorado
R7 - Ilios, King's Row, Temple of Anubis, Route 66, Lijiang Tower
R8 - Hollywood, Hanamura, Watchpoint: Gibraltar, Oasis, Numbani

More info and signups are available on the Heroes League site

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