OCE Overwatch


Battle.net ID: Dephocus#1432

Discord ID: Dephocus#9486

Preferred contact method: Discord

Roles wanted


Competitive experience

Team History

Previously played DPS for teams: Well Oiled Cogs (#6 Power Rankings), Conviction and Dismay Blue.

Played/Subbed for several top end teams so i have the experience. Recently took a big break from overwatch as a whole (5 months now) been back for a about a week and now im looking to get back into it and become a better player than i ever was. I am a very flexible player and can play any hero in the game but excel on DPS, More specifically Projectile DPS but can still perform on hitscan.

Peaked 79 SR in S1 and didnt play much of either S2/S3 but peaked at 4250 SR in S3 (If SR even matters)

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