OCE Overwatch


Contact name: Blackburn Team site:
Battle.net ID: Blackburn#11157 Team Twitter:
Discord ID: Blackburn2997#8507 Team Facebook:
Preferred contact method: Battle.net

Number of players wanted


Roles wanted





Team information

Looking to make another team so that the current team I am coaching (masters) has someone to scrim. Will put in the same amount of effort I put in to my 1st team if you are interested in playing in a  full team

Scrims will ideally be done 4 times or more a week
VOD reviews of pros and our own once or twice 

Wanted player information

Looking for Masters and above ideally 3600.(exceptions can be entertained) if you want and have the time to play for a team that will have your back as well as me and your other teammates giving you the proper criticism for you to improve do DM me.

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