OCE Overwatch


Contact name: Ace Team site:
Battle.net ID: Art#12974 Team Twitter:
Discord ID: Ace#4222 Team Facebook:
Preferred contact method: Discord

Number of players wanted


Roles wanted


Team information

We want to improve as a team and climb together as a team. We may not start off from the very top but you got to start off somewhere.


Main Tank: Nove

Flex/Off Tank: Zunba

DPS: Jocklyn

DPS: Torb

Support: Me

Support: N/A (Shotcaller)

Sub Tank: Defterous


Art is my smurf and if you want to contact me on BNet, contact me on my smurf.

Wanted player information

You should be able to make it to the scrim and training days.


The following are also important as they are what we seek for:

- Able to communicate with the team

- Not a 1trickpony

- Able to take criticism without being offended

- Be passionate and is willing to improve from your mistakes

- Not toxic (Well to a set of degree)

- Doesn't tilt easily (Like straight after losing a team fight or after a loss)

- Have previous shot calling experience or is good at making decisions

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