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Contact name: Trainwreck Team site:
Battle.net ID: Trainwreck#6280 Team Twitter:
Discord ID: TedTrainwreck#7258 Team Facebook:
Preferred contact method: Discord

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Think you’ve got what it takes to hit Master and beyond but are being let down by throwers, boosters, sand-baggers and all the other joys of the Solo Queue meta? Think you’ve got the skills to compete in tournaments but can’t get a look-in because “you’re only in diamond”? Sounds like you’ve got Wasted Potential… So do we.

Wasted Potential is a newly formed competitive Overwatch team whose primary objective is to facilitate the overall improvement of its members’ Overwatch skill-set and fundamentals within a team environment. The founders of the team share the philosophy that Overwatch is a sport and should be studied, trained and played in a ‘sport-like’ manner.

The immediate goals of this team will be for each member to reach a rank of Master within Season 4 whilst also participating in competitive events against other Overwatch teams. While results are important, equally important is the culture of the team. In other words, tilt, tantrums and toxicity are not welcome - a positive attitude with a competitive drive is.

Wanted player information

Given the team’s immediate goals, a Season 3 rank (SR) of 3000 or up is preferred. However, please feel free to contact us if you are below this range and are interested in trialling. We are aware that the ranking system within Overwatch is not a definitive measurement of individual skill.

All team members will be required to attend either 3 x 2-hour or 2 x 3-hour training sessions on week-nights. Weekend availability is highly desirable to ensure the team can compete at specific events\tournaments – although this will be on an ad-hoc basis and prior notice will be given.

Finally, whilst there is no set age restriction upon the team’s roster, we are looking for committed individuals whom possess a mature attitude and can both provide and receive constructive criticism. As with any new team, mistakes will be made and games will be lost. The team’s philosophy will be focussed upon collaboratively identifying the specific mistakes that were made, analysing why they occurred, and ensuring they are not repeated.

If you are interested in applying for Wasted Potential, please contact either Trainwreck or Ely through Battle.net or Discord.



B.net - Trainwreck#6280

Discord - TedTrainwreck#7258



B.net - Elysi#1261

Discord - Ely#7358


Stop wasting your potential - the push to Master begins now!

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