OCE Overwatch

The Team

Ronnie Admin Started gaming at a young age, first with an Atari 2600, moving on to arcade in his teen years, and then back to console when the Playstation came out. Made the move to PC in the mid 90s, and really started to get involved in online comps in the early 2000s with Enemy Territory. After a significant break after the death of ET, and no interest in CS:GO, Ronnie lost his life to WoW before coming flaring back in to the eSports scene as a spectator/behind the scenes guy with the launch of Overwatch. And yes, that is his pet bunny staring at your from his avatar.
Polter Admin Growing up playing the SNES and N64, Polter made the move to PC at a young age, playing anything and everything but with a focus on the RTS titles of late namely AOE II.  After a hiatus from gaming, Polter returned and much like Ronnie, also lost his life to WoW before the release of Heroes of the Storm. Previously an editor for GosuGamers HotS and Overwatch; Polter is now co-owner of Masterminds GC, an esports organisation competing in several titles; predominantly Overwatch.
Ben Admin Coming from a family of gamers, Ben got into gaming from a very young age. Picking up pokemon and then going on to get engrossed by the Elder Scrolls series. It wasn’t until later that he was introduced to competitive gaming. This happened in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, when he joined the clan known then as Synergy Gaming and went on to hold all first place positions on Cyber Gamer. During this time he also managed a handful of online Yu-Gi-Oh teams on the popular site Dueling Network as well as gaining a massive addiction to WoW. Ben then had to step away from competitive gaming to focus on his final years of high school. During this time he also underwent a business partnership around a product created at a Govhack hackathon. As the release of Overwatch was pitched as a major eSport, Ben was highly interested to get into the scene. Playing for 2 or so months as a player, now he has stepped back into the role of management, currently managing a team, WM1. Previously managing Curators of the Memeseum.