OCE Overwatch

About OCE Overwatch

OCE Overwatch is a site dedicated to bringing together the various Overwatch communites in the Oceanic region.

Founded by Rek, Ben, and Ronnie, we saw a need for a central place for everyone to be able to get together and organise scrims, join teams, create teams, and generally “embiggen” the Overwatch, and also the eSports, scenes in the region.

Looking forward, we hope to also bring in streamers and broadcasters who are currently operating independently, and allowing them to communicate effectively to organise their events so minimal clashes happen. We believe this can only benefit everyone in the long run.

Starting with a simple news site about the scene, and forums, we hope to go larger and become the premier eSports facilitator for the region, and get the scene as big as it is in the NA and EU regions.